Time’s Pursuit to Guilder

Sometimes life is like a chaos bowl,A body of confusion waves,Or it’s a storm of social fright. We break our adrenal backsWith black liquids bittersweet.We never sleep and wonder,“Where did my time go?” Is it brave or foolish to dive into Churning new, away […]

Father Figures and Silly Sounds

My dad transforms for children.His rational, practical thoughts cede control to aprimal bear.  Perhaps I still remember his iron grasp,and roars, reeling about the living room: Bruza, Buzz, Burr“Ima get-yah!” Grandpop couldn’t stop laughing at toddler me,He would chuckle at who knows what, I […]

A Thoughtless Crime

What if we all lived a life of criminal mystery, not ignoring crime? Examining greasy stains, marking shadows with a chalk outline,Finding meaning in our everyday, mundane, and common things.The color of her hair, the smell of cut grass, and buzzing bees,Could speak volumes […]

A Doves Eclipse

A hairA haunted doe,A shy spooked horse,All know wisdom in running.“Run, flee, before you are caught!”Dark shapes linger in the wings,Fleeing shadows tied to their tails with a line. Some heed the ostrich,and hide their sorrows from sight. Some like a hyena laugh at […]

A Horizon of Thanksgiving

A horizon, the canvas of possibilities,360 degrees of future waiting for us all.Our desire’s compass points towards dreamsOut there beyond our circle wall. Everyone is headed over a horizon,But in which direction? The wise look for signs left by travelers,our ancestors long past.They beg […]

Never Jungle

My stars are the crossed shive-lights hanging over an upside-down ageless land,where the trees are thick closed canopies, and the birds are brightlike paradise.  Where monkeys howl, and macaws call. It lies at the headwaters of the Marañón and low lakes of the Ucayali. The […]

Car Mine

If I’m a mechanic, I’m a novice despite my years, my experience has only been short diagnostic drives, all ears to the issues volunteered and hidden fears. Some have scoffed at my meager shop, disinclined. Not all cars are happy with my prognosis, and […]