Dumbstruck Redo

If I could go back to when I first met her,I wouldn’t stamp and stammer sifting through my thoughts,I wouldn’t discuss the weather like my mind couldn’t fathom something other,I wouldn’t stare that way with nothing else to say while my heart and blood […]

Ode to Chocolate

What is the point of chocolate? In madness do we question what for, Or study it and say: why does this exist?No, we surrender to savory bliss;Oh, we delight in its earthy flavor!Once consumed and in our bellies lay,caffeine, sugars, creams brighten day, Then […]

Cupid’s Parenthesis

Parenthesis Curved containers Punctuation drawing emphasis Bowed frames demanding considerations Swaying in the slightest breeze, beckons me to see Twins dance in the star light under crescent moons A single noble peak overshadows sculpted furrows Gusty gales rise from mirth’s fount eagerly amused Bright […]

Silver Mist in Eternity

“Serenity” whispers the silver creek as it slides by. Clear waters slowly twirl beneath the glassy ripples. Twigs bob and twist, yielding to the gentle flow. Brush, trees, rocks, and ferns, reflected by the journey. Where from, where to, from highest heights to deepest […]