Never Mind My Mind This Time

Never Mind the time, when you’re visiting long into the night
and can’t snip the strings of staying, the bonds of friends
they hold on stronger, cementing with the passing years.

Never Mind the gaping gaps in our shared memory banks,
the deposits slip’s just a formality here.  Thank you for your
piggybank pocket change, investing in this friendship venture.

Never Mind me in lieu of family, lost in nostalgic treasures,
dish towel fights, sleepy stary nights then the colic cries.
It’s your turn to raincheck dreams, and self-priorities.

Never Mind my insensitivity and emphatic rhyme,
my loss of time and failures blind.  Look past my
spots and logs, my social spice is late this time.

My mind is made up, perhaps you can tell,
the anchor’s stuck fast in muddy facts,
but I think I’ll haul her in for you,
I’ll change my mind,

maybe some other time.


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