A Doves Eclipse

A hair
A haunted doe,
A shy spooked horse,
All know wisdom in running.
“Run, flee, before you are caught!”
Dark shapes linger in the wings,
Racing shadows tied to their tails.

Some heed the ostrich,
and hide their sorrows from sight.

Some like a hyena laugh at the past,
calling all to feast on carrion.
“Come feast on me!”

Some are like the hamster
who lives for the seedy side of life,
gorging themselves on earthly pleasures,
but one day he’ll be too slow.

The dove coos delightedly
knowing his love’s nearby.
Then when darkness grows, they take flight!

Cut the strings of guilt, leave it all behind,
higher until their darkness eclipses,
faded by the light of the sun.
Cooing all the way:
“Fly with me my love”
A voice responds:
“My love is

in flight dove


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