A Heart Shaped Shoe

We met in that enchanting way
in palace corridors spying the other.
Our eyes locked and then the world faded
as all thoughts of others dimmed to sputters.

Awestruck, we danced a careful ballet, 
hesitant, neither sure the steps of summer. 
Resigning hope of finding worthy words to say,
we just smiled, listening to time's beating drummer.

Her name, for shame I couldn't fathom or remember, 
and as I dared to finally speak , I felt her shutter, 
the spell broke like some truth betrayed
to flee in autumn’s bounty sleigh.

I still have that magic shoe
but there may be other feet more true.
I trust Him, the one who’s laces I shan’t undo, 
to find me feet to fit my shoe, in time that may be you!


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