Ode to Chocolate

What is the point of chocolate?
In madness do we question what for,
Or study it and say: why does this exist?
No, we surrender to savory bliss;
Oh, we delight in its earthy flavor!
Once consumed and in our bellies lay,
caffeine, sugars, creams brighten day,
Then we smile, and on lingering taste soar.

From sun, water, and soil comes cocoa,
And again, with much toil, sweet canes,
Add milky cream, then behold: chocolate!
No one can refuse it but the loco,
Who do not belong among the sane.
Chocolate, glorious, none can balk at it!

One palate flight, leaves addict wanting more.
Yet, with reason and sound mind on display,
Delusive sense can, an audit, outweigh.
Likewise, sublime verse engulfs the lore,
And meaning of the lyrics with beauty’s kiss.
Heed soliloquy imparted by McGinnis;
Regard poetic pictures and adore,
Passions so heavenly, so chocolate!


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