Dumbstruck Redo

If I could go back to when I first met her,
I wouldn’t stamp and stammer sifting through my thoughts,
I wouldn’t discuss the weather like my mind couldn’t fathom something other,
I wouldn’t stare that way with nothing else to say while my heart and blood fought.

Were I to meet her now, I’m sure it would go much better.
My smile wouldn’t quiver but would be sincere, strong, and confidently smoother.
My mind wouldn’t stall; it would enter gear without a chatter.
My modesty wouldn’t fail me in my ecstasy either.

Then prepared with proper warning, all my faculties would fail me not,
For I would slip the chains of fear never to be caught,
For I would speak with elegance and wise forethought,
For my heart would be prepared, ready for this moon-shot.

What I wouldn’t give haunts me now, with a desire to return and do it over!
Oh that moment my mind took flight and left me blubbering in front of her,
Oh that day my eyes first found you in that precious spot.
Oh to get a second chance to set that first impression slot!

Then you might have really looked at me beyond the frozen stare,
Beyond the quadriplegic frightened animal so scared,
Beyond the mindless dribble, and small talk impaired,
Beyond all that, I’m here, — if you are curious enough to care,
— me the man, dumbstruck though I be.


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