Cupid’s Parenthesis

Curved containers
Punctuation drawing emphasis
Bowed frames demanding considerations

Swaying in the slightest breeze, beckons me to see

Twins dance in the star light under crescent moons
A single noble peak overshadows sculpted furrows
Gusty gales rise from mirth’s fount eagerly amused
Bright birds, timidly dart and flutter in the willows

Beauty locked within, veiled by this espresso tree

Don’t hide or shy from these observations
Fired darts explain helplessness
Mirrored archers

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  1. ( In Russian: )
    Заметил в образе девушки схожесть с Джоан Джетт из видеоклипа “I Hate Myself for Loving You”.

    ( Automatic translation into English: )
    I noticed in the image of the girl the similarity with Joan Jett from the video clip “I Hate Myself for Loving You”.

    1. It’s possible but I didn’t create that image. I would gladly replace it with something more custom to this poem if some artist is inspired by it.


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