Fractions of Two

I hated fractions in school.Things were nice and simple whole;Numbers stood alone or side by side,And even after a divide,They agreed around a point,But fractions fraction wholesome math. A simple give and takeTo Share a base in firm foundationsBalanced like an equal yoke,Like a […]

Car Mine

If I’m a mechanic, I’m a novice despite my years,my experience has only been short diagnostic drives,all ears to the issues volunteered and hidden fears.Some have scoffed at my meager shop, disinclined. Not all cars are happy with my prognosis, and sighsaying their better […]

Life of a Sock

When life turns tumultuous twisting and churning, Which way should I go, which way is up? …Squirl! What does the sock experience when washed? Does it like the squeezing, rubbing, and spinning? The end will come when the dirt is gone, But to be […]