Sirens Sound Silent Sound

Sirens sound silent sound;
Who shall sound alarm?
Sleepy shores of sound,
Silence wails a horrid harm,
Ghastly- roars gruesome gore
In bloody pleasure farms.
Pre-breath-mature death;
Scuppered by burning arms.

White foam churns body parts,
Green currents carry far,
Same force fought a shore.
Silent Saline brings the dark;
Inn-cent hunted, death’s jaws
A gauntlet past, disembark.
Those who land to draw breath
May curse the sun in remark.

Scales, all begin this life
Dishonest from the start.
La Amistad, masted brigs
Two bar choices, pillars hark
lightless invaded realms
White worms start living spark;
Guilt conceived evil, ends
Silent pound, flesh owed altar.



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