Moon Face

Unveiled souls shining all places,
The dowry’s glory on breeze felt
Sings from knees on holy ground knelt:
“Come help blind men see; fire burn and blaze.

Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord
God almighty, Holy is He
Promised one of Jessie’s tree.
Woe on all who see the Word!

Flay sin scaled eyes, for why you died,
From thy grace, my face glazed,
From thy blood, my mud saved,
For sins price you came and cried.

Maker mold my mutinous mud,
Washer cleanse this clay, burn lips,
Cut stony hearts, and facet my moon.”

Eyes soon find the sign after flood,
Rising o’er the stone that snags and trips
Blind men, whose pride shuns thy blood.

Chosen priestly few will soon
Kneel on bride’s altar, a corner stone.
Jeweled faces crowns, thrown before thy throne
Where Son’s light these faces moon.


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