Between the Mountain and Neverland

Certainty of change is certain in varying degrees
Yearnings turn to dread yet the dreaded longed for
Peaks to valleys and valleys peaks a harmonious dichotomy
Tension, tangents, and turmoil, what makes the lore

Since early memories formed a pattern forced;
Trained, expecting movement, progress, possibilities.
Young life lessons move up grade or be disgraced.
How right is it, can this pace prevail or risk futility?

Hang on tight, banish the fright, and pray to the mighty!
Time moves on despite the throng dreaming Neverland.
In the end we all pay the piper a burdensome fee?
Don’t forgo a stop to smell the flowers in the garden.

Conceivably, the ride of life often plummets to the pit of despair,
In the meantime rest well and dream of those lofty peaks.
Take confidence found in good news, secrets forged in fire.
With true love in God and each other, no bonds nor death break.

Faced with insanity though laughing in the face of fear;
Hardships come and go but good friends last them all.
Joke and rhyme to pass the time proposing peanuts,
Nothing stays the same, everything changes, answer the call.


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